The hypnotic trance state is something that we experience several times a day in our everyday lives – like daydreaming – it could happen when you are engrossed in a good film or book and seem to “lose all track of time.”  During hypnosis, the subconscious part of the brain takes over from the conscious part of the brain.

The conscious, rational mind is by-passed during hypnotherapy and your subconscious mind is addressed.  The subconscious not only has the responsibility for automatic responses, but is the home of memories, emotions and imagination.  It is here that habits and phobias are programmed, and can be re-programmed during hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is used to influence the subconscious in order to bring about beneficial changes in feelings and behaviour.   You will be guided into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation (the hypnotic trance state) using guided imagery and suggestion.  This is a safe and powerful way of by-passing barriers to inner thoughts and feelings and facilitating the “therapy” to take place.  Together we will work to enhance mental, physical and emotional well being through an agreed approach individually tailored to suit your unique needs.


  • You remain in control during hypnotherapy
  • You will be aware of your surroundings
  • You cannot be made to do anything against your will whilst in the hypnotic trance state
  • It is impossible to remain “stuck” in the trance state.